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IRGRADEX is a family-owned company, operating in the Polish and foreign markets since 1992.

The company focuses on the design and supply of machines, equipment and welded structures for application in different industries.

Based on considerable engineering experience gained while working with foreign companies, and thanks to our technological and manufacturing capabilities, IRGRADEX offers:
  • machines and equipment for the cement industry
  • machines and equipment for corrugated board manufacturers
  • machines and equipment for the mining industry
  • machines and equipment for material handling and goods transport applications
  • welded steel structures
  • mechanical working services

    We have a team of 48 carefully selected, highly qualified staff. Thanks to their hard work, supported by professional advice and training provided by our foreign partners, we were able to quickly adapt our manufacturing processes to meet international quality-related requirements and standards.

    We hope this website will provide you with the necessary information about our company, our wide range of machines and equipment, and will encourage you to cooperate with us.